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Horseshoe Ear Eyebrow Lip 16 Gauge 5/16" 3mm Balls Titanium Blue Dark Body Jewel

  • $6.79

*Titanium anodized/ion plated over high quality 316l grade surgical stainless steel.

*Order 2 for a pair.

*Horseshoes are considered universal as they can be worn in many piercings (based on gauge/diameter): ears, lips, eyebrows, cartilage, nipples, tragus, private parts, and more.

*Slight variations may occur in actual color due to screen and/or photo resolutions.

*As with all jewelry, proper care/wear is necessary to avoid potential damage (chipping and/or discoloration), loss of balls, gems, etc.

*Anodized, plated and wood jewelry should only be worn in healed piercings.

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