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PAIR-Tapers Spiral Pyrex Glass Rasta 10mm/00 Gauge Body Jewelry

  • $14.79

*Sold as a PAIR (2).

*Handblown smooth polished borosilicate glass.

*Approximately 1-1/2" diameter.

*These are organic, there will be variations in color and pattern between the pair (no two are alike). We do our best to provide the closest match possible within our inventory.

*Organics are hypo-allergenic and can be worn by those with sensitive skin.

*Gauges/tapers are measured at the wearable section. The outside flares on double/saddle plugs are wider, as the flare keeps the plug in place. A helpful hint to insert flared gauges is to jiggle and tilt into place. In general it is easier after a hot shower. If insertion still hurts, you may be better suited wearing tapers, single flares or screw ons.

*Slight variations may occur in actual color due to screen and/or photo resolutions.

*As with all jewelry, proper care/wear is necessary to avoid potential damage (chipping and/or discoloration), loss of balls, gems, etc.

*Anodized, plated and wood jewelry should only be worn in healed piercings.

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